10 questions to ask before hiring a Utah photo booth company

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Before you hire any Utah photo booth business for your wedding or event, be sure that you ask these ten key questions so that you don’t end up with any surprises:

1. Is their booth an actual booth, or is it a glorified tent?

Utah Photo Booth

Just say "no" to the photo booth tent

Many people are surprised (and dismayed) when their Utah photo booth company arrives and it turns out that their “booth” isn’t a booth at all. Many of these “booths” amount to little more than a makeshift case containing a cheap camera and other components, with a curtain that surrounds it. Undoubtedly you’ve spent a lot of time and money to make your wedding or event perfect, so why would you want a cheesy “tent” masquerading as a photo booth? If they don’t have pictures of their booth on their website, they probably don’t want you to see it before it’s too late.

Our Couth Booth is a solid structure (with a floor, roof, and walls on all sides) that was hand made by our carpenter in a french vintage style. It’s big enough that we deliver it in an enclosed trailer, but it’s also modular so we can disassemble it and fit it in just about any space. Its elegant exterior will compliment your wedding or any other sophisticated event.

2. How many hours are included in the price? Is this “live time” or is setup/tear down time deducted from this time?

Make sure that there is no ambiguity in what your photo booth experience entails. Some unscrupulous Utah photo booth companies will say that you’re going to get three hours, but they take their setup and take down time out of your photo booth time! Be sure that they set up and take down on their time and that your guests get to enjoy the photo booth for the full time.

3. What type of printer do they use?

This may sound like a silly question, but the last thing you want is for your special photos to be printed on poor quality paper from a $99 inkjet printer from Walmart. The phrase you want to hear is “dye sublimation”. This type of printer will produce photo quality prints very quickly (15 seconds or so) and they are dry to the touch so there’s no danger of smudging. Photo strips printed from a “dye sub” printer are beautiful and will last for decades. If they use an ink jet, politely end the conversation and continue your search for your Utah photo booth provider.

Our printer produces incredibly lifelike prints that looks and feel just like you had them developed at your local photo center. Don’t believe me? We’d be happy to send you some samples so that you can see for yourself. Just send us an email and we’ll put a few sample prints in the mail for ya.

4. Will they customize the photo strips with a design tailored to your event?

Any self respecting Utah photo booth company will gladly create a custom design to compliment the style of your event. We will happily match your photo strip design to your wedding colors, or use your corporate logo, font, or colors. Or, choose from our most popular designs and we’ll customize them any way you want.

Custom photo strip designs

5. How many prints are included in the price?

Some Utah photo booth companies will charge you per print, or surprise you with fees if you exceed a certain number of prints. The last thing you want is to be worried about how many people are using the photo booth at your wedding or event. All of our packages include unlimited prints. We’ll even print additional copies if your guests want more.

6. Do they include a CD/DVD of the photos taken?

This is so easy to do that if you’re talking to a Utah photo booth business that doesn’t do this, they are ridiculous. Our camera saves all the photos from your event to a hard drive, from which we will burn you a disk and mail it to you so that it’s waiting for you by the time you get back from your honeymoon (or if you’re not getting married, within a week). At your request, we will also upload all photos to our Facebook page the day after your event so that your guests can tag themselves or download the photos.

7. Will they show you the booth in person?

Any self respecting photo booth company will gladly give you a live demonstration of their photo booths. If they don’t, they are probably ashamed of their booth and don’t want you to see it. We would love to show you our booths at our home office in North Salt Lake. Call or email us to set an appointment.

8. What kind of photo props do they have?

photo booth propsDon’t assume that just because a Utah photo booth company says they have props that they are going to be props you’ll want to use. If you spent $20,000 to have a reception at La Caille, do you want your guests donning hot pink feather boas and clown wigs? Don’t get me wrong, those props are great but they have their place and time. We will provide either silly or sophisticated photo booth props, depending on what you want. Props are included in the price with all 3 or 4 hour photo booth packages.

9. Is there a charge for traveling to your event location?

If your wedding is in Manti and you’re calling an SLC-based photo booth company, expect to pay a little extra (or a lot!) for travel expenses. Just make sure that the travel cost is decided upon before you commit.

10. Does the booth have a 4G connection to upload pics to the internet?

Utah Photo booth Facebook UploadIn this high tech world, it’s likely that many of your guests would rather have a digital version of their photo strips than the printed version. To satisfy the old and new generations, we give your guests a printed strip and we can also allow them to email a digital copy to themselves or to upload it to their Facebook page. All this is made possible by our optional wireless internet connection. Or, your guests can always visit our Facebook page the day after your event where we will post all of the photos.

Have more questions? Feel free to email or call us (801.896.7464), or request a quote for your wedding or event.

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