5 Questions to Ask Any Photo Booth Company

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Planning an event or a wedding can be a very difficult task, especially given the large number of vendors that are competing for your business. Effectively comparing the services that vendors provide can be quite difficult if you don’t know the right questions to ask.  We hope that you’ll consider letting us be part of your event, but even if you don’t hire us, hopefully this guide will be helpful in finding the best photo booth company for your needs and budget.  Without further adieu, here are five vital questions to ask any photo booth company:

 1. “Can I come see your booth in person?”

Would you book a venue for your wedding without seeing it? Of course not! For the same reason, it’s a good idea to actually see and experience a photo booth before you book it.

Utah Photo Booth

Just say "no" to the photo booth tent

Many booths look great on the company’s website but when you see them in person you realize that it’s all a facade. I’ve seen many booths that are little more than some black curtains and an old piano bench. Or, they have purchased a cheap “easy up” tent, throw a tripod and camera inside, and call it a “booth”.

Unless you actually see the booth, it can be hard to tell what the booth is made from and how it works. If a company isn’t willing to let you come experience their booth in person, there is probably a reason they are hiding it from you.  And don’t believe them if they tell you that they can’t show you the booth because it’s always booked. If they want your business, they will make time.

We are very proud of our booths and would be more than happy to welcome you to our home to show you our booths in person.  Contact us to arrange for a personal demonstration (my wife might even bake cookies).

 2. “What is included in your pricing?”

photo booth propsOne fun part about a photo booth is the many options available to customize the experience to your preferences. Be sure that you know what options are available, and what is included in the package that you book. The last thing you want is to be disappointed on your wedding day because the backdrop you loved wasn’t included in the package that you booked. Be sure to get a written quote or a pricing sheet from each vendor so that you know what’s included.

utah photobooth guestbook

Our Photo Booth Specialist will help your guests create a unique, spontaneous album, complete with hilarious and heartwarming photos, messages, and best wishes.

Most of our rental packages come with unlimited photo sessions, our deluxe prop assortment, a photo guest book, a photo booth attendant present the whole time, and free travel to most locations along the Wasatch Front.

Feel free to email us to get a pricing sheet that shows exactly which options are included in our packages.




3. “How many hours of actual “live” photo booth time are included in your pricing?”

Some unscrupulous photo booth companies will quote you a “too good to be true” price for a three hour rental, but it turns out that you don’t really get three hours. Several people have told us about a local company who considers three hours to include the time needed to set up and tear down. Apparently they don’t even show up and begin to set up the booth until the event has begun, and they begin tearing down their equipment a half hour before the reception ends. When you call a photo booth company, make sure that the set up time isn’t subtracted from your photography time.

Don’t worry, we always arrive an hour ahead of time to ensure that we are all set up and ready the moment your event begins. When we quote you for “three hours”, that means you get three full hours of live photography time.  And, set up and tear down is included in our pricing so there are no additional fees.

 4. “What kind of printer does your photo booth use?”

Photo booth printerThere’s a reason that some photo booth companies are less expensive than others, and often times it’s because of the printers they use. Some companies use the same ink jet printers that you’d find on the sale aisle at your local office supply store. Not only are these printers slow, the print quality isn’t anywhere near the quality of a dedicated photo printer.

Any reputable photo booth business will have what’s called a “Dye-Sublimation” printer that is designed exclusively for printing photos. These printers are very fast (under 15 seconds for a 4×6 print), they print and cut the photo strips at the same time, and the photos are instantly dry to the touch. The photos are so sharp and crisp that you’d swear that they were printed by the photo lab at Costco or Walmart.

Advantages of a Dye Sublimation Printer:

  • Fast Prints (our printers print a 4×6 photo in as little as 7 seconds)
  • Instantly Dry
  • Automatic Cutting
  • Excellent Print Quality

A while back, I went to a wedding where a competing photo booth company had a booth.  The “booth” itself wasn’t really a booth, it was more of a “tent” built from white PVC pipe and black fabric. Not surprisingly, they were using an ink jet printer. As each guest’s photos printed, they would have to take the extra time to trim each photo strip to size using a paper cutter. Needless to say, the line for the photo booth was quite long. I found a discarded photo strip that someone had left lying around (can you blame them?) in order to be able to compare it to our own photo strips (see example to the left).Photo booth prints
Their photos were pixelated and grainy, and easily smudged if you made the mistake of touching the photos before they dried. And, clearly their “designer” spent no more than 2 minutes creating the design of the photo strip (I’m sure it took a lot of imagination to use the Helvetica and Times fonts).

You can rest easy knowing that all of our photo booths use these amazing dye-sublimation printers. Although your photos will be incredible, we can’t be held responsible if you blink.

5. “How many events have you done in the last year? Do you have reviews that I can read? Have you received any awards?”

Unfortunately, the photo booth business is relatively easy to get into. Anyone can make a couple of trips to Home Depot, Jo-Ann’s, and Office Max and create an ugly do-it-yourself booth and all of a sudden they are a bonafide photo booth company! The reality is that there is a huge difference between simply buying/creating a photo booth and creating a quality photo booth experience for your clients and their guests.

There is no shortage of cheap photo booth companies in Utah. But there is a reason why they are cheaper, and you generally get what you pay for. You only get one opportunity to capture photos at your wedding, so don’t risk hiring a fly-by-night company that happens to be the cheapest. We constantly hear about companies that cancel at the last minute or run out of printer supplies half way through a wedding.


Best of Weddings AwardBe sure to ask for references and check them out! Any reputable company should have many online reviews for your to read, and they should be able to put you in touch with their past clients. Just make sure that the reviews are from actual, paying clients and not from people who were merely guests at a wedding (one local company has 22 reviews on Google, but they are nearly all from random people who used the booth, not from actual paying customers).

In the last year alone, we did over 60 weddings and events with a 98% satisfaction rate. But don’t take our word for it, feel free to read the online reviews from happy brides and event coordinators who have used our services. In addition to great reviews, we also received the coveted “Best of Weddings” award in 2013 from the prestigious website and magazine The Knot.

Why would you risk hiring the cheapest when you can have the best? Contact us to book your wedding our event.

We hope you found this article helpful in planning your wedding or event. Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions about having a photo booth at your wedding, or to check our availability. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is whether you should use a mustache or lips in your photos.


The Couth Booth


Couth booth photo boothOur original Couth Booth has been with us since the beginning, but it is still as beautiful as ever.  The whole booth was handmade from solid wood which gives it the rustic look of a vintage piece of furniture (but at 350 pounds, it’s a real back breaker for the guy who has to bring it to your event).  Although it’s enclosed on all sides, I’ve seen nine adults squeeze into it (and they’ve been life long friends ever since).

It features a 12 megapixel DSLR camera, high resolution monitors inside and out, hidden LED lighting and flash, and a high speed printer that produces perfect photos in about 15 seconds. Although its curtains are a delicate light blue, we can swap out different curtains if you have a particular color

scheme in mind.

Along with the Couth Booth, we also bring two tables with linen tablecloths – one for our props, and the other for your photo guest book.  Trust me, there’s nothing better than seeing a cranky old grandma putting on a hat and a mustache and laughing like a six year old when she sees her photos.

The Couth Booth is quite popular for weddings and other hoity-toity events, so contact us urgently to book it for your special day or to arrange to see it in person (or click here to watch a video).

The Retro Photo Booth

Although the style of the Retro Booth was inspired by the boardwalks and carnivals of the1920’s, there’s nothing old fashioned about the technology hidden inside. It is constructed from aluminum beams, wood, and vinyl lettering and features LED lighting and a flash to make sure that you have a spark in your eyes.

We transport it in our enclosed trailer and assemble it on site at your venue. It might look complicated, but our skilled photo booth attendants can deliver and get it working in about 30 minutes (but we always show up an hour ahead just in case your event is on the 9th floor and the elevator is broken).

Inside the booth, there’s a 12 megapixel camera, a touch screen monitor, a high speed photo printer, and 20 hamsters running on wheels.

Don’t like black and red? Don’t worry! We have optional white panels, and black, red, grey, or white curtains for a total of 8 color combinations that are sure to please even the pickiest of bridezillas.

Be sure to book soon as this booth is very popular for corporate parties, backyard carnivals, and of course, weddings. Or if you’re the type that likes to “kick the tires”, we’d be happy to set up the booth in our home for a personal demonstration.


The Vintage Photo Booth


Vintage Photo BoothOur newest “booth” isn’t actually a booth per se, but it’s easier to say “photo booth” than “open-style photography experience”. The charm of the Vintage Booth is that it isn’t enclosed so your guests get to stand in front of a photography backdrop and pretend that they’re on the red carpet at the Grammys.

The Vintage Booth’s camera was handmade by our master craftsman to resemble an vintage large format camera (it even folds up into a box like those old cameras did!). The touch screen monitor and computer are disguised as a frame on an antique easel, and the high speed photo printer is hidden under a table. If you book our Deluxe Package, we’ll also bring stantions (those velvet rope thingies that keep people in line) to surround the equipment, and antique wooden tripod lights to add to the ambiance.


Vintage photo booth photoThe photography process is the same as with our other booths, except that your guests will stand in front of the camera and pose however they like.  Since the “booth” isn’t enclosed, we are able to set up actual photography lighting, so the photos are better than those glamor shots that you got done in high school.

Demand is always high for this booth, so don’t wait too long to book it.




Click here to watch a video of our booths in action!

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