Halloween Season is Here!

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Halloween Season is Here!

Halloween is our favorite holiday, so of course we can’t wait to be invited to work at a ton of parties this October! Last year, we were hired for several private parties, as well as corporate events. Halloween is the perfect time of year for green screen photography (also known as “chromakey”), since it’s possible to transport guests to all kinds of spooky places.

We love doing normal photo booth photos, but I really like it when clients challenge our creativity! Green screen photography is probably my favorite thing we do because there are so many crazy effects that we can create. Last year, we got a call from ourfriend at Adobe who wanted to do something very unique for their employee Halloween party. Their theme was “Vampires vs Zombies” and he wanted us to give guests the option of choosing a side (or choosing both, if they wanted to use the booth twice). I got to work finding graphics and putting together two very different motifs for the green screen photos.
For the Zombie option, we decided that it would be cool to transport the guests to a creepy gave yard and make it look like zombies were coming to life all around them. It took some searching and a lot of photo shop work, but the end result was pretty cool. utah green screen photography

For the Vampires, we wanted to do something totally different. I thought it would be cool to create a vintage horror movie poster and make the guests the star of it. There are a lot of challenges when creating a scene like this, you have to account for people of different heights, for large and small groups, and I wanted it to look as real as possible. The end result was pretty cool! Since the guests could see a preview on the screen, it was fun for them to react to the coffin or the virtual surroundings.utah halloween photo boothPeople had a great time in the booth, and they loved being able to get a printed photo and a digital version (via our iPad kiosk).

We were lucky enough to be part of another Halloween party at a spooky old mansion on South Temple. Our Vintage Booth perfectly blended in with the ambiance of this turn of the century structure. This was also a green screen event, and we allowed guests to pick from three different digital backdrops. Here’s an example of what the setup looked like, and the photo that it produced:

chromakey photography utahhalloween party photo boothWe’ve already been booked for a few October events, so call or email us right away if you’re interested in creating a unique experience at your Halloween party.