Introducing the “Faux-to” Photo Booth Backdrops

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Introducing the “Faux-to” Photo Booth Backdrops

Check out this clever idea for a photo booth backdrop! Some of your guests are seated in the typical Photobooth fashion, but the backdrop has windows through which other guests can interact. Although we haven’t tried this yet, we’d be happy to build one for any of our clients who want it (for a small extra fee, of course).

Faux means “fake” in French (pronounced “foe”). What should we call this photo booth backdrop, the “Faux-to Booth” or the “Photo Faux-yer” (Faux means “fake” in french).

"faux-to booth" photo booth backdrops

Other Photo Booth Backdrops

Do you have other ideas for a clever or innovative photo booth backdrop? Let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to check out our Pinterest page for some sophisticated (but not so elaborate!) photo booth backdrops ideas that are available for our events.

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