Photo Booth Tickets & Signs

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Photo Booth Tickets & Signs

Vintage Photo Booth Ideas

We’re always on the lookout for design concepts that would appeal to the modern day Utah bride and groom. Want to add some vintage photo booth verve to your Utah photo booth experience? Give out tickets to your guests as they arrive at your Utah wedding or event. Here’s a cute vintage design that we’d be happy to share with you for your wedding. Printing these signs and tickets would be a snap and they’d add some vintage class to your big day:

Utah Photobooth sign


Vintage Photo Booth Sign

Vintage Photo BoothWe love this look! These photo booth signs were popular on the old vintage photo booths from the 40’s. We’re considering adding this vintage look as an option for our booths so that we can showcase the bride and groom’s name as part of the vintage photo booth look. We could print a sign like this for your wedding or event for just $50 extra and prominently display it on the front of our booths.


Vintage Photo Booth

Vintage Photo BoothThis is a vintage photo booth called the “Auto Booth Model 9” from the 1950’s. Vintage booths like these were originally used by the military to print photos for soldiers’ identification, but it didn’t take long for the photo booth to gain popularity in mainstream culture.

Wouldn’t it be cool to reproduce something like this? I love the woodgrain and the faded blue colors that are so indicative of the 50’s. It just ooozes vintage photo booth coolness. For more pics of vintage photo booth designs, check out our Pinterest page.

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