Steampunk Photo Booth Event

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Steampunk Photo Booth Event

Steampunk photo boothWhen we were hired by Weber State University to be part of their 125th anniversary celebration, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Considering the fact that they booked all three of our booths, we figured that it would be a grand affair but it wasn’t until we saw the venue that we realized how grand it really was!

The event was held at the Eccles Event Center in downtown Ogden and the theme was Steampunk (which is a genre of science fiction which blends Victorian era fashion with industrial era technology).

weber state

The entire ballroom was decorated with huge displays of gears, gadgets, and gizmos, and suspended from the ceiling were zeppelins and other fantastical steam driven fictional creations. No detail was overlooked, even the meals were inspired by the steampunk theme.

In addition to bringing our three photo booths, we were also given the task of creating Steampunk costumes for both men and women that could be easily slipped on over clothing, with minimal fuss. Our motto is “Anything worth doing, is worth OVERdoing” so of course, we went all out on these costumes. We raided antique stores, vintage clothing stores, several Deseret Industry locations, and the entire internet to find all of the parts and pieces necessary to create six incredible Steampunk costumes. Every element of the costumes were stitched together so that they became just one single garment that guests could slip into from the back (like a strait jacket). Although the costumes were a hit, we were amazed at how many guests came in their own amazing costumes.

Steampunk costume Photo Booth

By the end of the night, we had taken hundreds of photos with our photo booths and nearly every one of the 750 guests was able to take a souvenir home with them. Thank you Weber State for allowing us to be part of your imaginative and historic celebration!

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