The New Guest Book

Wedding Photo Guest Book

Who wants a book full of illegible signatures? Use a Photo Booth and you’ll have a photo album with personalized messages from your friends and family that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

wedding photo guest book

Our Photo Booth Specialist will help your guests create a unique, spontaneous album, complete with hilarious and heartwarming photos, messages, and best wishes.

As your guests arrive at your event, our PhotoBooth Concierge will give them props (optional), guide them into the booth, and give them instructions (not that it’s hard, but some people need some hand holding). After they have struck a few poses, they’ll exit the booth and the next guests will enter.

While they are waiting for their photos to print (it only takes a few seconds), they can preview their photos on our iPad and even upload them to their Facebook page, to your Facebook page, or anywhere else on the “interwebs”.

Once the photos are printed and cut (our fancy-schmancy printers print andcut), we’ll put one copy in your wedding photo guest book and give the duplicate copy to your guests as a souvenir. They can then write a personalized message to you in your album.

In ten years, you probably won’t remember the food or the DJ from your wedding, but you’ll always remember who was there thanks to your wedding photo guestbook.

utah wedding guest book

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