Wedding season is coming!

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Wedding Photo Booth Rental

Many brides dream of a June wedding. In fact, June is the most popular month for U.S. weddings. Although the national average for how long couples are engaged is 16 months, here in Utah I’m

wedding photo booth rental

guessing it’s much shorter. Here in Utah, engaged couples tend to waste little time before they tie the knot. Typical Utah engagement periods are from five to seven months. In other words, if you haven’t already begun planning your June wedding, you might end up having a Fall wedding instead.


Couth Booth: Your wedding photo booth rental source

Although it’s our busiest month, we still have some June dates available for Utah Wedding Photo Booth rentals, especially on weekdays. Fill out our photo booth reservation form today so that we can schedule one of our booths for your special day. Our wedding photo booth rental starts at $499 for a three hour experience, and we only need $200 to hold your date.

Did you know that June is the most popular month for wedding photo booth rentals? (followed by August, September, and October)


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